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7 Day Prayer Meditation Scented Candle

7 Day Prayer Meditation Scented Candle

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EXPERIENCE the luxury of our exclusive ARTISAN CANDLE, housed in a PRAYER CANDLE JAR. This exquisite candle is meticulously handcrafted using a creamy blend of SOY WAX and PURE BEESWAX. The captivating fragrance of HONEYDEW from the beeswax perfectly complements the delightful aroma of the candle, enhancing its allure.

With a carefully chosen wick that can be trimmed as needed, this candle offers a LONG-LASTING BURN that lingers in the air. Each purchase of this delightful candle includes a beautiful jar, along with LONG MATCHES and a convenient MATCH STRIKER to aid in lighting.

To fully enjoy this exceptional candle, please follow the RECOMMENDED BURNING TECHNIQUES. This candle features a COTTON WICK and a generous 14oz CUSTOM SOY BEESWAX BLEND.

ILLUMINATE your SACRED MOMENTS with the ETHEREAL RADIANCE of this distinct artisan candle.

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