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Hand-Poured Colorful Scented Votive Candles

Hand-Poured Colorful Scented Votive Candles

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Scented Votive Candles
Experience a LUXURIOUS and EXCLUSIVE ambiance with our hand-poured, vibrant VOTIVE candles.

Crafted with exquisite SCENTS and bold HUES, these candles make for an exceptional GIFT or a perfect addition to your own space.

For ultimate BURNING, ignite them within a designated VOTIVE glass.

In each box, you'll find EIGHT(8) assorted candles in a variety of COLORS and FRAGRANCES, from energizing COOL MINT to calming VANILLA.

Let your CREATIVITY soar as you mix and match COLORS and SCENTS to create your unique ATMOSPHERE.

Transform any room into a COZY, INVITING space with our BEAUTIFUL candles. 🕯️


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